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Toddler Bike Seat

A toddler bike seat is a small seat that you either put on the back or on the front of a bike in order to be able to take your baby/toddler along on your bicycle ride. Many moms and dads really enjoy toddler bike seats because they allow the child to come right along on a cycling ride (providing the weather is good enough).  

The parents can save money on babysitters, the children enjoy the bicycle ride (usually), and the parents really enjoy being able to spend this quality time with their kids.

A toddler bike seat (often also called a baby bike seat, kids bike seat, or child bike seat, depending upon the size and age of the little one that will be riding in the seat) makes the whole situation a least, it does if you follow a few basic guidelines while shopping for one.

When shopping for a baby bike seat, try looking for a brand that you know or trust; we specifically discuss options from iBert and WeeRide, and the iBert and a Polisport brand seats are shown in the videos below. Name brands that have been around for awhile are the best because they are generally established as a safe, reliable product.

All name brand kids bike seats available are going to be safe for the most part, but they are not all created equal, and the companies who have been around the longest are probably going to be the companies who put the most effort into building a high quality toddler bike seat.  

So, getting a bicycle seat brand that you know or trust is going to make a big difference, or should at least make you feel better about the entire decision in general. After all, it is your child we are talking about, and making sure that your kid is safe is the number one priority when choosing a child bike seat.

When you do get a child bike seat, make sure that it comes with clear instructions and a user’s manual. This is very important, because the users manual and safety instructions will help you to use the kids bike seat carefully and safely every time.

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The safety instructions will also help you with a pre-use inspection, which is an especially good idea before each and every ride. This will ensure that the toddler bike seat is in the best possible condition before using, and can help you to detect any damage before you actually put your baby into it.

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Having clear, easy to understand instructions will also help you to strap your child in the right way, which is a huge determiner in how safe he/she is while you ride. A kids bike seat is designed to keep your toddler secured inside at all times, and using the strapping assembly the right way is of the utmost importance.



Another thing to consider when buying a baby bike seat is cost, but don’t let yourself shop for too many bargains while looking for a good one to buy. Some people shop for them used, but this is not always the safest thing to do.



You should shop for it new, and the internet is a great place for this. And as far as price goes, pay what you need to pay to get the best one available. You do not have to spend a whole lot more to get a toddler bike seat that is a lot more sturdy.


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